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While I’m only concerned with the name Simbeck, according to census records, Native born Germans came to the Americas and settled in West Virginia in the following numbers.

     1870     1880     1890       1900       1910      1920      1930      1940      1950

     6,232     N/A     7,292      6,537      6,327      3,798     3,129     2,197    N/A

West Virginia is one of only two American States formed during the American Civil War (1861-1865), Nevada, being the other. West Virginia is the only state to form by seceding from a Confederate state, as it was originally part of the British Virginia Colony (1607-1776) and the western part of the state of Virginia, (1776-1863), whose population became sharply divided over the issue of secession from the Union. Its separation from Virginia, formalized by admittance to the Union as a new state in 1863, West Virginia was one of the Civil War board states. Disputes about the exact location of the border in some of the northern mountain reaches between Loudoun County, Virginia and Jefferson County, West Virginia continued well into the 20th century. In 1991, both state legislatures appropriated money for a boundary commission to look into 15 miles of the border area.

Beginning in Reconstruction, and for several decades thereafter, the two states disputed the new state's share of the pre-war Virginia government's debt, incurred mostly to finance public infrastructure improvements, such as canals, roads, and railroads under the Virginia Board of Public Works. West Virginia's first constitution provided for the assumption of a part of the Virginia debt, negotiations opened by Virginia in 1870 were fruitless, and in 1871 that state funded two-thirds of the debt and arbitrarily assigned the remainder to West Virginia. In 1915, when the United States Supreme Court ruled that West Virginia owed Virginia $12,393,929.50, the last of which was paid in 1939.

West Virginia's history, profoundly impacted by its mountainous terrain, spectacular river valleys, and rich natural resources, is truly American. These were all factors driving its economy and the lifestyles of residents, as well as drawing visitors to the "Mountain State" in the early 21st century. The area now known as West Virginia was a favorite hunting ground of numerous Native American peoples before the arrival of European settlers. Many ancient fabricated earthen mounds from various mound builder cultures survive, especially in the areas of Moundsville, South Charleston, and Romney. Although little is known about these civilizations, the artifacts uncovered in these give evidence of a complex, stratified culture that practiced metallurgy.

History of Wheeling Wheeling is the county seat of Ohio County, with a small portion of land in Marshall County. The city of Wheeling was the capital of West Virginia from 1861-1870 and 1875-1885, twice moved between Wheeling and Charleston. Ebenezer Silas and Jonathan Zane first settled near the present day City of Wheeling, naming it Zanesburg, in 1769. Wheeling, officially established as a town in 1795 and incorporated in 1806. Many notable families joined the settlement and by an act of the Virginia General Assembly on December 27, 1797, Wheeling is the county seat of Ohio County.

As of 2000, there were 31,419 people, 13,719 households, and 7,806 families residing in the city. The population Density was 2,258.4 people per square mile there were 15,706 housing units at an average density of 1,128.9/sq mile. The racial makeup of the city was 92.72% White, 4.99% African American, 0.10% Native American, 0.91% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 0.16% from other races, and 1.09% from 2 or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.58% of the population.

I Found the following names associated with this state.

Christina Simbeck Birth: Death abt 1892 - Ohio county, WV Parents Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Residence: 1910 -1930 - Ohio, West Virginia

Dorothy Simbeck My Aunt Birth: Death: 1936, Wheeling West Virginia 1999, Los Angelus, California Parents Joseph Simbeck Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Married once and divorced,, Had no children

 Donald Simbeck Birth: Death: 6-17-1934 WV 6-18-1934 WV Parents

Elizabeth Simbeck My Aunt Birth: Death: 3-14-1929, Wheeling West Virginia 1988, Cleveland, Ohio Parent Joseph Simbeck Marriage 1 Tommy Baytosh Children Marriage 2 Ivan Bills Children Spouse 1: Tommy Baytosh Spouse 2: Ivan Bills Had no Children

Gerald “ Jerry” Simbeck My Uncle Birth: Death 1925, Wheeling West Virginia 1970, Cleveland Ohio Parent Joseph Simbeck Marriage 1 Margaret Children Gerald Jerry Simbeck Denise Simbeck Spouse 1 Margaret

Harry Simbeck Birth Death abt 1908 - Ohio, WV Parents Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Residence: 1910 - West Virginia1930 Census

 Harold Simbeck Birth: Death: Abt 1909 Parents: Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Residence: 1930 Ohio, WV

 John Simbeck Birth: Death: Abt 1901 Parents: Marriage 1 Eva Children Spouse 1 Eva B: 1902 Residence: 1930 Ohio, WV

John Simbeck Birth: Death abt 1899 Ohio, WV Parent Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 1910 - West Virginia1930 Census

John R. Simbeck Birth: Death: Abt 1926 Ohio, West Virginia Ohio, WV Parents: Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Residence: 1930 Ohio, WV

Joseph Louis Simbeck Birth Death: 1909 WV 1938 WV Parents: Simbeck Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1

Joseph Simbeck Birth: Death abt 1867 - Parents Marriage 1 Children Spouse: Margaret B: abt 1864 Residence: 1910 - Ohio, West Virginia

 John Simbeck Birth: Death: 6-6-1898 WV Parents Married: Margaret “ Singer Children Spouse 1 Margaret “ Singer

Lewis Thomas Simbeck 294-28-9022 Birth: Death: 26 Jul 1938 , Wheeling West Virginia Sep 1997 , Cleveland Ohio Parent Joseph Simbeck and child 4 Marriage 1 Patricia Tober Children Thomas Micheal Simbeck Theresia Simbeck Dorothy Simbeck Patricia Simbeck Jeffrey Quinten Simbeck Andrew Simbeck All children born in Cleveland Ohio Spouse 1 Patricia Tober Cleveland Ohio

Margaret Simbeck Birth: Death: 2-3-1939 WV 2-6-1939 WV Parents:

Joseph Louis Simbeck Birth: Death: 1865 Ohio County, West Virginia Parents Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Margaret Singer abt 1896 Residence: 1930 - city, Ohio, West Virginia

 Marie Simbeck Birth: Death: Abt 1904 Parents: Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Residence: 1910 -1930 - , Ohio, West Virginia

 Rosina Simbeck ( Rose ) Birth: Death: Abt 1901 Parents Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1 Residence: 1910 - 1930 -Ohio, West Virginia

 Sahra Jane Simbeck Birth: Death: 9-17-1933 WV 9-18-1933 WV Parents: Marriage 1 Children Spouse 1